Della Ruth | A Birth Story

October 27th at 12:11am is the unforgettable day we met our sweet little babe. Our lives changed for ever that night and I couldn’t be more excited to share the details of that day.

Let me start be giving a little bit of a brief history! I have had 4 successful vaginal labors previously. All smooth labors, with an epidural, under 8 hours, with easy recoveries.

 When I was around 38 weeks with Della I was diagnosed with “polyhydramnios” or extra fluid. (in a nutshell it was discovered because there were multiple weeks where we struggled to find a heartbeat because homegirl was surrounded by so much fluid). With polyhydraminos comes a few legit risks. One of them being the cord having so much room to move around, there is a higher chance of it getting wrapped around Della’s neck. Another risk and our biggest one, was that when my water would break, that the cord would come down before Della’s head would, which result in a pinched cord and would lead to lack of oxygen for Della.

I had made it to my due date October 25th so the midwives decided that it would be best to induce me so that when my water broke I was in a controlled setting and could be monitored. I was told to come in to Methodist Medical Center the next evening at 7pm. I was a little bummed because I didn’t want to be induced but at the same time I didn’t want my water breaking in the meantime. That Friday was a really relaxing day at home where I pretty got whatever I wanted 😊Chris has Fridays off so that is always wonderful. My dad picked me up a huge meal from Olive Garden (that I’d later throw up! ha), I got to take a long bath (one of my favorite things to do), and I got a nap in. Chris held the fort down since we knew it was going to be a long night.

We bathed the girls and got them ready for bed kissed them goodbye and off we went (we are renting from my parents so they took over). It’s so weird driving to the hospital knowing you are about to birth a baby and fearing whats exactly ahead. We got checked in and waited a bit. I was having contractions through out the day that were stopping me in my tracks so my body was definitely doing something. My midwife came in around 9pm and checked me. It was really painful. I told her I needed to pee so she quit and I got up and went to the bathroom. She told me I was only a 3 and they were going to start the cervidal ( a pill they insert in you to start contractions). When I was done going to the restroom she was rechecking me and inserting the pill when all the sudden she freaked and was like “oh my word you are a 5! And I can feel your bag of water” It seemed kinda crazy that happened but I was just relieved to not have to have the pill. They got me hooked up to Pitocin and we waited about an hour while I had some relatively painful contractions.

My midwife came in around 11pm and she decided it was a good time to break my water. Since I had almost double the amount of fluid I was suppose to have and with the risks of the cord coming down it had to be slow and controlled. It had been about 2 minutes of my water breaking and the fluid was still coming, my midwife kept her arm on my stomach to try and keep Della from moving and her hand in me to keep the cord from coming down. It was a really intense few minutes. I can’t remember my midwives exact words because its kind of a blur but she said she didn’t feel a head all of a sudden. I knew in that moment it wasn’t good. The tears started to well up and I immediately said “that means a c-section doesn’t it?” Which of course it did. I was really sad and scared but I knew it had to be done. And at that point, I just wanted to have Della out. They had the doctor on call come in and meet me since he was the one who would be performing the surgery. I had never met him before. When he came in the room it was obvious he was annoyed with the midwife which left me feeling uncomfortable. A little back story, when I had got to the hospital I had asked my nurse who was on call in case I needed a csection and she informed me that it was her favorite doctor who has a reputation of doing really good csections! Needless to say regardless of the awkwardness I was feeling about the whole situation I felt a peace about him doing it knowing this guy knows what he is doing.

When I got to OR room Chris couldn’t come in at first. They were getting me up on the table to give me the epidural and all I have to say is God bless the nurse who hugged me while the anesthesiologist stuck the needle in my back. That nurse was a tad obnoxious but it was actually just what I needed. She got my mind off of the fear that was fighting to take over. Once I was numbed the put up a curtain and got to work. I listened to ob doctor and the anesthesiologist go back and forth about their families and whatever else they chatted about, it helped take my mind off of my fears.  And at one point right before Della was born, I could really “feel” them jerking my body. My doctor was evening grunting trying to get her out! At this point I had uncontrollable shakes and just kept looking at the clock. I just wanted it over. Just give me my baby and be done with it were my thoughts! My doctor had told me before hand because Della was back down, he would possibly have to cut me vertically to get her out. Of course out of all the c-sections he does in a year (30/100) he only does about 2 a year where he has to cut vertically (and I was going to be one of those). She was finally born at 12:11am and I will never forget locking eyes with me sweet girl as the nurse carried her across the room to the table. Her eyes were wide open and she had a ton of hair! She hadn’t cried yet so I was anxiously waiting to hear that cry! It took a minute (or at least it felt like a minute) before she let out any noise. The nurses said she was holding her breath. I kept asking Chris if everything was okay, and for the most part, yes every was. Unfortunately though, he noticed the cysts by her eyes. I’m thankful he didn’t tell me when I was on the operating table because I probably would’ve freaked out. I didn’t get to hold my girl until they got me to my room and by that point I was pretty out of it (I’m so thankful Chris video taped it because I don’t remember it much!).

Once they got us to our room and we got situated, being the typical thirsty girl that I am (my friends joke I’m a camel), I drank A TON of water which was a huge mistake because shortly after I started throwing up. It took me quite a while before I stopped (like hours before I could keep anything down!). I was holding my sweet girl on my chest while throwing up in a bag ☹ It was really awful. We finally went to sleep around 3 or  4 am that morning. When we woke up that morning as much as I wish I could say that first day was amazing  baby bliss but it was actually a really emotional day. I was emotional because #hormones and the fact that I my birth didn’t go as planned (and hello pain!) but also because we knew our girl was going to have to have surgery. Which I’ll explain in just a bit.  

Here we are, 3 months later soaking in every little bit with our smiley girl. She ties for best baby with her eldest sister Chloe. Della makes having 5 kids not a whole lot different than 4. She is so happy and smiley, sleeps through the night, and is really quite chill. Just what I needed! And I can not believe how fast her infancy is going.

You’re probably wondering about her surgery and the whole cyst thing. I will try and explain it briefly. In short, she was born with a very rare congenital condition called Dacryostele. Basically it’s a clogged tear duct at birth. Both tear ducts were clogged, one under each eye. The cysts were full and were blocking her nasal cavity, which was quite scary. Our ENT told us as we left our appointment when Della was 7 days old that if the cysts filled just 5% more she wouldn’t be able to breath. Apparently newborns don’t know how to breath out of their mouth until they are at least 3 weeks old. It was a really rough 11 days. Our ENT informed us had he been in town when she was born he would’ve done the surgery right away. There was definitely some miscommunications or lack of communication between hospital staff and our local pediatric ENT. (Sidenote: Chris and I actually dealt with this with our girl Ayla, 7 years ago. Hers however turned into an infection when she was 2 days old which resulted in a 7 day NICU stay and surgery of course. Which is why Chris and I feel fairly knowledgeable about it considering we’ve been down this road before.) We surrendered our precious newborn over to the hospital staff on a Tuesday for her 30 minute surgery. Our girl had to have this surgery so we were literally at the mercy of this doctor. We had lots of emotions as we let our girl go. Anesthesia is always a scary thing but man I am so thankful for doctors who dedicate their lives to the medical field. Her surgery was a success and I felt like I had a new baby after. She looked SO different, I couldn’t even believe it! We had to be monitored for 24 hours after the surgery. It was actually a sweet time for Chris and I to be together and sigh a bit of relief that it was over and she could breath. Again, so thankful for hospitals, nurses, and doctors and more importantly for  God who is always in control.

Update: Time flies when you’re having fun! I wrote journal post out shortly after I had her but it has been sitting in my drafts back ever since. It’s been a whirlwind of a year let me tell ya! What a joy our Della girl has been though. She is laid back and easy going with a little bit of a temper 😉 Transitioning to 5 kids was really no thang. It was already extremely chaotic to begin with so we really have reached that point of what is one more?! The last year with her in a nutshell: It has been a straight up JOY!


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