Christian & Cassandra | Wedding

Hitting It Off

I met up with Cassandra at a local coffee shop on a snowy winter day. We sat and talked and talked and I felt like we could’ve just kept on chatting. We chatted her and Christian’s love story, about their sweet families, and details of their wedding day. I knew as soon as she said Chick-Fil-A would be served at the reception, I was sold! ;-) Just kidding.

Christian and Cassandra met in 6th grade, became good friends in 7th, became really good friends in 8th, and in 9th grade they started dating! The rest is history! What a stinkin’ adorable love story. They’ve literally grown up together. It’s no secret I’m a sucker for young love… considering I met my hubs in 9th grade :)

The Big Day

Their entire wedding day took place on the acreage Cassandra grew up on. A beautiful ol’ farmhouse on a wooded lot complete with a goat :) 2 generations had gotten married in the actual house she grew up in, only Cassandra and Christian were going to take the party outside this time! It was absolutely beautiful.

Just as the ceremony was wrapping up a storm was moving its way in. The wind picked up and shortly after Christian kissed his bride it started pouring! Everyone ran for cover either in a shed, the big garage, or under a tent. Dinner was served (Chick-Fil-A, remember!), the cake was cut, and speeches were delivered all in the garage. Cassandra and Christian were so chill about the whole thing. They even got to sneak away to the shed and eat together. The rained stopped, the skies cleared, and it ended up being the most gorgeous night. As in, no filter for the sunset kinda night! ha Speaking of sunset, we snuck away for some photos at sunset. It was breathtaking! Christian and Cassandra are my kinda people, let me tell ya! ;)

My heart was full leaving their wedding. Cassandra and Christians families were SO sweet and welcoming the whole day. It was truly a day to remember for all!


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