Bruce & Lizzy | Wedding

Meeting the Bride and Groom

When I meet couples there is always two ways I look at them. Both giddy with excitement for the couple as they begin this new chapter and then there is the mother side of me where I am feeling all the feels of a child growing up letting them go. When I met Lizzy I was pregnant with my 5th girl. Lizzy has 3 sisters so, as you can imagine, my motherly feeling was strong. Thinking about sending one of my girls off with the love of her life gives me all the feels. It was so sweet to connect on both ends! Spoiler alert — I may or may not have been crying behind the lens as Lizzy gave her dad a first look on the wedding day. ;-)

Lizzy and Bruce met at a church sponsored ski trip in Colorado. They didn’t start talking really until 2 years later when they fell fast and they fell hard!

The Big Day!

Bruce and Lizzy’s desire for their big day was less about the details being perfect and more about their guests feeling loved, welcomed, and special. Kind of like they were coming over for a big ol’ dinner! It was simple, sweet, and intimate.


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