Story of Be Still Photo Co.

I am just entering my 6th month of this fun gig, and I figured I would share what all I have been up to.

But first, I want to share how this all started.

It started in the Winter of ’16 when Chris and I realized we made a mistake buying a house at an estate sale in November. We knew before we did it that we didn’t really have a peace about it, but did it anyway.

Big mistake.

By the Spring of ‘17 – after owning it for a few months and coming really close to starting the renovations – we decided we couldn’t shake the feeling and we needed to count our losses. So that May of ’17 we did just that and sold the thing. That whole short chapter brought me to my knees in asking the Lord for forgiveness of doing things my own way and asking for his help in getting us out. That is one huge truth I love about Jesus and the gospel – that He can redeem the messiest of messes when we surrender it to Him. Lots of lessons were learned for the both of us, but one in particular for me.

I decided I was done doing things my way and instead I wanted to give every.single.thing. over to the Lord.

Even something as “little” as picking up a new hobby or pursuing something for myself. So I did just that. A quick side note, War Room really inspired me to trust the Lord in prayer while going through this journey as well. So in August I wrote in my new prayer journal asking if the Lord would want me to pursue something – one of those things being photography. Keep in mind I know nothing really of photography at this point other than I appreciate a good photo. Fast forward 3 weeks and my brother-in-law who just got engaged called me to ask if I would photograph their wedding! It was quite the shock and I was really reluctant to say yes until it dawned on me what I had prayed. I still didn’t say yes right away and told him I would think about it.

Well, the rest is history. The Lord has been leading every step of the way and I wouldn’t want it any other way. There is nothing like the peace you have when you know you are where you are supposed to be.

Now you that you know the story, here is just a snippet of some of the wonderful and unique stories I have had the honor of capturing.

I am truly humbled by each and every person or family that has asked me to be a part of telling their life story through photos. I am so excited of whats to come and I look forward to sharing it with you!


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