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Smokey Row Meetings

My first meeting with Maria and her mom Pam was at Smokey Row on a hot Saturday afternoon. We sipped cold tea and coffee and talked everything from truck driving to homeschooling to details about the upcoming family session. I loved hearing about how Maria and her sister’s husband were both home schooled. I especially loved finding out we have something in common in that both of our dad’s are truck drivers. So I think it’s safe to say we hit it off! I could have stayed at Smokey Row talking with them all day I think.

After talking about our lives and learning about each other, Maria and Pam talked to me about how they wanted to have a sentimental session at a park in Sheldahl, IA. Their family has spent many hours being together at this park,  and they wanted to capture those memories in photos.

Sentimental Session at Sheldahl Park

Pam and Brian, their three kids and their spouses, and the three grand kids met me mid-morning at Sheldahl Park. I love that this spot was sentimental to them! I can only imagine the many memories of scratched knees, tag, and pushing little ones on the swings. It was so fun to see the whole family together and be able to capture all the different seasons of life they are in.


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